SoCS: Excuse To Be A Douche


You know what I hate?

When people think saying ‘no offense’ gets them an automatic get out of jail free card on saying something awful. That ‘no offense’ means nothing to me that’s just wasted words coming out of your douche mouth, need to get a soup bucket and clean up the crap you just blurted out. We’ve all known people like this, they somehow believe that saying anything in there head is appropriate.

Oh your mom told you to always tell the truth? Well she probably also told you If you had nothing nice to say then to shut the hell up…because that’s totally how it goes. You get the point though, people use these phrases to saying hurtful words that they think are justified.

No offense, but you look awful today

No offense, but do you really need to eat that

No offense, but I’m a total ass butt and want to make you feel bad to make myself feel better.


Now wave those hands like you just don’t care, then place them over your mouth

and shut up.

Hope you all enjoyed this post, it was all part of LindaGHills (Stream of Consciousness Saturday). The prompt this week is given to use by   and it was the word ‘excuse’.

If you would like to participate and I highly recommend you do, because it’s fun and a lot of awesome bloggers do it as well. Here is a link to the page for you to get started,

11 thoughts on “SoCS: Excuse To Be A Douche

  1. i agree with this post. Related to “no offense” is “just kidding!” Some people think it’s okay to make insulting, derogatory remarks if they put a “joke’ frame around it when it’s really anything but. Oh, and then they’ll say you’re a “too sensitive” or “have no sense of humor” if you take offense of don’t laugh. :/

  2. I despise the “no offense” preface. As I have told my children, if you have to start a conversation with “no offense,” then what you are about to say is offensive, and you shouldn’t say it at all. Nice post. Thanks for participating!

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