Tried To Take Three, Well You Get None

The Nearlyfamily is a tough group of people, if I do say so myself.


I shall drink my tea and laugh at you now.

Everyone I am very happy and I have been ever since last night before going to work, and I have hardly lost my smile. In the past couple months my family and I have gone through quite a few close calls, yes quite a few. Yet, all of us are still standing tall, maybe a little weak in some cases, but mostly strong. No one has taken down any one of us even though they’ve tried, so lets have it, I remember this from Spongebob.



Lets start this off with my uncle shall we, so this string of situations happening within the family started with him a few months ago. He was taken to the hospital with a illness that looked scary for awhile or from what I read that my aunt had posted. I kept up on this through my father and Facebook, since I have basically my whole Family on there. I was updated frequently on the condition of him from my aunt. He was released to go home finally, so it looks like things are working out for my aunt and uncle. If you are reading this I am sorry that I hadn’t talked that much, I read the posts whenever they showed up on my news feed. I had just started a new job at the time of this and I was adjusting to working over nights, all I did was sleep and work. All of this is just an excuse though, so I’m doing to shut up now.


Then we have my Grandmother, now I learned of my uncles situation through Facebook, but when my Grandma ended up in the hospital I was caught off guard. I wanted to drop everything in New York and just head to Indiana I didn’t care how I got there I just wanted to be there. I was scared for her, I really was and I was more so angry thinking back at the time I decided to stay in New York rather than go to Indiana. She has been in rehab for a few weeks and from what I’ve heard, is getting stronger everyday. That was around the time of Thanksgiving, when the day actually rolled around I was only Thankful that she was alive.

Now my father, on Monday my dad suffered a heart attack and needed to get a triple bypass surgery. I went to see him with my sisters a day after it happened, he cried when he saw us and we cried as well. It was a sad/happy feeling that we all mutually felt about him still being with us. My sister Hanna and I went to see him on Friday and we talked for little but we mostly watched TV with him, Kitchen Inferno to be exact. I didn’t get much sleep this week, not until yesterday when I was told he was out of surgery and fine. In a couple days it will be the 25th of December, but when my dad comes home from the hospital it’ll be Christmas.

I love you dad.

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