This Is Sly…What Do You Mean He Isn’t Real?

My favorite toy when I was a kid was a beanie baby fox that was named Sly, literally that was his name.


It said so on the gosh dang tag!

Though at the time I got him I didn’t realize that every beanie baby like him was also named Sly, when I realized, it was too late. I couldn’t just change his name after months of fun memories, he would get confused. I use to carry him everywhere with me which also meant I left him places as well. I lost this toy more times than you can even count and he always somehow made his way back to me.


Some Toy Story bull****

I don’t exactly know how I always found him but he always showed back up in my house or more specifically in my room, but it got me thinking. If my favorite toy really could have talked I wonder what it would say exactly, maybe it really wouldn’t be that nice to me. I left this guy in the rain, snow, and since I was growing up in Indiana at the time I probably left him in a tornado. I’m pretty sure he would be waiting for me with a gun or knife if I ran into him nowadays.


“Lets talk Wes”

I don’t exactly know why this was my favorite toy it was just always there, It may be the first toy I remember being given or playing with at all. This fox had some sweet moves with my imagination, he could scale walls and go all ninja fox mode. I did have him since he was a wee baby


Oh look it’s a baby Sly 😀

2 thoughts on “This Is Sly…What Do You Mean He Isn’t Real?

  1. Sly…man I remember that little guy. I wonder how many hours I spent looking for him. We did find him in some interesting places. 🙂

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