In Your Eyes

Admit it, the song is wonderful.

So the other day I watched one of my new favorite movies, it’s definitely in my top five and even in that list it’s really high up there. Now I love romantic movies and that could attribute to the fact that I have lived in a house dominated by women my entire life, even in high school most of my close friends were girls. With that being said, the movie that is now in my list is…drum roll please…a romantic movie.

The movie randomly appeared on Netflix and it’s a very indie movie so when I hit play I didn’t expect much. Crappy acting with good dialogue here and there, but for the most part I expected it to be a little tough to watch. I didn’t know many of the actors that were appearing on my tiny laptop screen, so it fueled the ‘this is going to suck’ notion. What drew me into the movie though and caused me to hit play was the description.

The movie was called ‘In Your Eyes’ it’s about two main characters one living in New Mexico and the other in New Hampshire that somehow have a telepathic connection. They can see, hear, and feel what each other feels as clear as they would their own perceptions.

After reading the description I thought it could either go really high and blow my expectations out of the water, or it could bomb and I would only make it through a piece of it. The movie was beautifully written and directed and kept me interested through the entirety of it. I mean really the only word I can use to best describe it is ‘Beautiful’.


My sisters and I all watched it basically around the same time as one another not even knowing it, I think that a lot of it has to do with the concept behind it. It’s an interesting twist on a romantic movie and welcomed one at that, but the cover of the movie to me is also effective. A picture of the main actresses face along with the simple title in the middle of it, nothing much, but it’s pleasing to look at. The simplicity of it is a nice and for some reason caught my eye while I was looking for something new to watch.

If you enjoy romantic movies with interesting twists then I believe you will love this one, it’s Nearlyperfect…see what I did there. Drum set please!


4 thoughts on “In Your Eyes

  1. The song was really very pleasant to hear. I have been doing nothing but watching hallmark christmas movies on the net these three days. all cheesy and romantic.

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