Ravampaty Damp Stamp Cramp…


What am I talking about?

It’s always bad when you confuse yourself, but hey when life give you lemons start rhyming random…words together? Rhetorical question, not even I want to try and answer it, but a question I do want you lovely people to help out with is.

Do you think my blog needs a revamp in look, a new theme I suppose something fresh maybe? Or do you like the way the site looks right now?

3 thoughts on “Ravampaty Damp Stamp Cramp…

  1. I like the site. That said, I am always wanting to mess with mine and never liking all the features of any one theme. I think my issue with this one was if you change the background, it changes it for the post/text areas too and I like the balance between color and white for me since I am on my site the most, especially when I am answering comments.

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