SoCS: Consuming Negativity



Like Oh Mah God, They’re everywhere!

We hold a direct link to the world’s vast information in our hands, we can see the beautiful places that the world has to offer through videos and photographs. We can share ideas with one another through sources like Facebook (I guess..) and WordPress. I can sit on my couch in New York and talk to someone all the way in California, and yet we can even take that further I can talk to someone in China.


It’s truly an amazing time we live in, and yet we mostly see the articles of the negative aspect of the world. We hear of kids being murdered and bombs being prep for war retaliation, and I know that these things need to be heard. I know some people though that allow these things to consume them. Recently I had a friend continuously post articles about bad cops, every story has two sides. He could be mad at me for mentioning him, but if he does get mad I know that at least I know he reads my blog.

I am an optimist as you can tell, I see the world through a spectrum of ‘at least I’m still alive’ because day keep moving forward. This article isn’t about avoiding the negative, it’s about knowing about it but not allowing yourself to be consumed by the hate and sadness that it brings. We need to know what goes on in this world and that means also knowing about the negative situations, and sadly they sometimes out number the good things you may hear. Mostly though in the internet rather than looking at current events we end up looking at cats.


Like this little son of a gun. Bow ties are cool.

Lets look at this from a different perspective now, ever get a compliment in life? Feels good, but can you remember multiple ones throughout your life. I can only remember a few throughout my life, but now think of the negative comments thrown your way. Many more scenarios pop into your head, when in reality we have probably got an equal amount of positive and negative.

Why do we do this? Why do we end up remembering all of these bad things that are said are way and forgetting most of the positive situations? Maybe this is what contributes to people seeing the negative sides of things more often. A study was actually done to try and explain this.

The studies explanations fall onto the plane of hormones, when we are complimented we produce oxytosin, sort of a feel good hormone. Yet when we get an insult we produce the hormone of cortisol, a bad stressful production. Our body metabolizes these hormones differently, oxytosin dissipates rapidly while cortisol festers and stays for a long period of time. So that is tiny explanation to why we can sometimes remember the bad stuff easier than we remember the good.

Hopefully you all enjoyed this post this was part of LindaGHills Stream of Consciousness Saturday here is the link:

The Friday Reminder and Prompt for SoCS December 27/14

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5 thoughts on “SoCS: Consuming Negativity

  1. I think it depends on the personality, whether we dwell on the positive or the negative. Does this mean there are more negative people in the world than positive ones? If so, why? So many questions.
    Thanks for the thoughtful post, Wes. 🙂

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