Stories and More Stories


I have so many stories running in my head and I can’t figure out the best one to just sit down and start planning out. There are two major ones that have taken up my fiction writing time though, I’m not complaining because to me they are good ideas. I’m actually quite terrible at making up my mind or focusing on something for a major period of time, which annoys me greatly seeing as I love to write stories and read. This whole thing is me just asking for help from people that I enjoy talking to which is all of you. I would like your opinion if you would be so kind as to give it to me about the two stories I am about to tell you.

1. “The Book of You” Owning a book shop seems amazing for someone who loves to read, and it is, until someone drops off a strange book in Miles shop. One with no title or author he begins to read it out of curiosity, soon he realizes that the book is much more than it seems. Not only detailing the life of Emily one of his regular customers, but it also dives deep into her personal life. Miles reads the things that Emily hides behind the fake mask of happiness, he always knew something was off with her. He just didn’t know how terrible it really was.

So that is one of the stories I have been working on for awhile fleshing it out bit by bit. When I started the two characters were in High School, but as it has evolved they have been matured into young adults. Onto number two which is a completely different type of story.

2. “To The Gate” I remember the car and the sound of it’s wheels trying to grip to the earth in time to stop, squealing as if it were pleading for the asphalt to cooperate. Then the sound was gone and my eyes opened, my body jerked in a tense fashion making the top half sit up. I moved my hands back and dragged my body quickly to a near by tree for support, my legs weren’t broken or at least they didn’t feel that way. As I looked around to the dense forest I could see no end to what was now a maze.

‘To The Gate’ is a story about a man named Conner who in the beginning of the story ends up in the middle of the woods unknown to as how he may have gotten there. He soon meets a few people that quickly show him that in the distance is a large gate that can be seen all around. No one knows where the gate leads to but the only way of finding out is to move towards it. With all the dangers that are in the woods though, can they survive long enough to make it there?

So there are my two stories, I enjoy writing both of them but with my focus divided I end up have two mediocre written stories. So I hope that you can shine some light on which one you think has the best potential, or which one you actually think is the most interesting.

Thank you.

5 thoughts on “Stories and More Stories

  1. Oooh a mystical book! As you read the words they form a path. Are you the new puppet master? How can you save Emily and break her ties to ‘The Book’ which has guided her family for generations. They have no free will just the whims of the latest reader. How did the book make it to the shop and does the previous owner want it back? Sounds like a book that needs to be written, not a short story.

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