200…Did I Just See 200?


This is how I feel right now, minus the rainbow spilling out of my mouth…maybe

When I started this blog I never quite expected much out of it, a few views here and there, but for the most part I was doing it because I loved writing. Never did I think 200 people would take the time to read a post, decide they liked it, then hit that follow button. I get over ten likes on anything that I do, I see comments on my posts daily, and I have gotten two nifty blog awards (which I’m totally planning on making posts about, sorry I’m slow) from two very lovely people. It’s amazing to see this go from a fun idea for me to something other people also enjoy.

So it got me thinking, what does two hundred people look like? Well I went on the search and I found out so here you go


200 PEOP…Wait no whoops I put too many zeros. We’ll get there eventually


There we go! 200 people, and now we know we can make the letter V for


Thank you all so much it really means a lot.


…This may take awhile, my computer is a little slow.

12 thoughts on “200…Did I Just See 200?

    • Thank you very much, you are the first person to like and comment so here are some fireworks. *Sets off fireworks*…It’s kind of anti climatic over virtual space, bug my hug is almost done loading so that is something.

  1. Great job!!! I look forward to your blogs. Some make me laugh, some make me cry, and others just make me think. You are an amazing writer and I love you LOTS!!

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