One Photo, Yea I’m Putting You Under Sketchy

Does anyone else feel this way when they get a friends request from someone you’re not sure you know, but you accept it anyway because reasons. When you accept it you expect that one photo you saw before accept to sprout into multiple photos, but then it never does. I automatically think sketchy, this person is sketchy and they are going to kill me with their one photo rampage coming to me going *You think you’re better than me with all your photos*…


Like some Bateman psychopathic bull****

All of which never happens they’re probably a very nice person who just doesn’t take selfies like the rest of us, and since we are on the topic of photos. This is to those people that when asked for a profile picture and you pick take a photo rather than choose, you are my hero.


11 thoughts on “One Photo, Yea I’m Putting You Under Sketchy

  1. Gawd… I hope people do not think I am crazy. I upload and take photos rarely, leaving few to share – never attempted to kill anyone though… yet :/.

  2. Reblogged this on galesmind and commented:
    I don’t use my photo on my blog or on Facebook because I have had people take it and make really bad pictures as revenge for my defending others. Sometimes there are reasons for no personal photo. I do check out any friend requests and am very careful who I friend because of the same trolls. Friend requests are often used on Facebook to get a trojan or advertising bot on your profile so I would be very careful of those that are not recommended to you or that check out. Multiple mutual friends also must be looked at with suspicion as some people would friend an avocado.

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