Your Pain, My Pain, Our Pain.


I don’t do many serious posts, maybe I should more often because this is important.

Early on Sunday an AirAsia passenger plane lost contact caused by a storm, the plane had held 162 passengers on board. The plane was in route to go to Singapore from Surabaya, it lost contact after approximately 40 minutes within the air. The plane had appeared today in the Java sea southwest off the island of Borneo, debris and dozens of bodies have been retrieved so far.

This is what caused the look of anguish in the photo of the relatives of the 162 passengers as they watched the news, this more than anything is what is important to me. We should all feel pain by this, despite our differences in countries and cultures we are all human. When something terrible happens to one part of the world it should effect us all in some way, we shouldn’t only care about ourselves. Their pain is our pain.

7 thoughts on “Your Pain, My Pain, Our Pain.

      • One of the knowns to this realm of BEing, is, we all shall return to Source, no matter who we are. Yet, in saying goodby to a Loved One, that is so very difficult and so very sad. I’ve lost more then one Loved One, and each time, is no easier. Love, Amy

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