Getting It Ready

It’s about go time everyone, tomorrow I have the day off and I have at least 90% of the things I need to make my first video. I have work tonight though so that is always a bit of a pain. I’ll stock the shelves tall and proud though and people will sing songs of the Wesley Stocking Hoorah (Yea that’s what I’m calling it.)

I cleaned my room, got a tripod, have my mic set up and setting up my back drop today. So hopefully it will all be fun and work out great. Is it going to be funny, I sure hope so but if it isn’t then I’ll have a chance to work on it.

download (3)

Oh and before I end this, I went to Barnes and Nobles today and found this book.

unnamed (4)

Wow, that’s depressing

When I picked it up that is what I thought to, I also wondered why it was in the humor section. Then I opened the book and basically it is someone who had written a version of the Bible that basically gets straight to the point. So far it has made me laugh multiple times and I’m not even to page ten. Maybe that is because I like people that are religious but can also be joking about it in a nice way as well. Which is how I view this book.

Have a lovely day everyone!

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