A Poet’s Dream

The Song

I first heard this song in the summer before my sophomore year of high school, and still today it is one of my favorite songs that I have ever heard. Actually in my junior year I went so far as to use it in a song presentation where I had to take the song and dissect it to it’s core, and say what I thought it meant.  I wish I had kept the actual power point because I really dug down deep into this song.

When I first heard this song I believed that it was actually about a person going through some kind of Alzheimer’s because he talks about how he see’s things clearly for a moment, but then loses grasp on it. To some sense maybe that is true but as I continue to play it over and over again I see different situations. A man making a mistake and the whole world hating him for it, so he climbs into his ‘home’ made up of walls and stays there.

“On and on

I cant believe the echoes of the falling rain

Time walks away

No matter what we do we cant erase the walls around the poets dream”

He sits in this walled prison that he has created and cuts himself away from reality and the people within it. Time moves on faster and further away the more he spends doubting himself. The mistake idea in the song is not just for the main persona within the song, but also talks of the world as well. They try and destroy the walls that he has created to tell him that they were wrong to overreact, that they needed him.

“Shiny broken thoughts that sit alone have lost their way”

He allows his mind and ideas to just sit in there until they have aged to being pointless to even mention, kind of like if you like to write stories and you put a good idea off for a period of time. By the time you get back to that awesome idea you had it has begun to accumulate dust and seems boring.

A stolen misconception cant correct what I have seen
To you, to me, its all a lie and so I intervene
Without the worlds forgiveness I cannot be brought to life
Forever in the winter I see summer in the distance, summer in the whispers of the night

Towards the ending of the song they play this last piece before the ending chorus, he now sees that there is light at the end of this dimly lit tunnel he has trapped himself in. That if he were to finally break down these walls it would not only benefit himself but would also benefit the world. Also that you will make mistakes in your lifetime but you cannot be afraid to move forward after those mistakes, because if you stand still then time will pass you by.


The reason I fell in love with this song is because I was able to connect it to life to easily, it was like a simple Lego set and all the pieces connected to form this beautiful puzzle.

When I connected it to reality I focused more onto the box aspect of this song, because we all do it, we all placed ourselves in these boxes in high school or in life. It was a place we felt safe and secure, a place we held our friends and families and our ideas. Deviating from our boxes was a bad idea because what was out there? Strangers and places that could potentially hurt us.

So we didn’t take that chance to talk to that girl or to say hi to that guy, take the class you really wanted or to get up on stage when we were asked. Since we did this we probably have missed out on multiple great experiences, or didn’t meet a person who could possibly have made our lives so much better.

These boxes, these walls, need to be torn down because once they are…Not only will we benefit ourselves, but we could also benefit other people and maybe even the world.

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