*Boom* *Pop* And Now I’m In The Dark Ages


First world problems Wes, no one really cares!

Look I understand, but hell I’m going to tell you all anyways because, well…see I don’t have a reason. I’ve actually come very ill prepared for this blog post.

We flipped a switch in my house last night and a loud pop sound just filled the air, this followed with a brief electrical outage that lasted for about thirty seconds, if that. In that short amount of time that felt like the one thousand years of the dark ages, I had some time to think about life. What would happen? What if I could never get back on my blog ever again? What if…Oh wait never mind Internets on again, back to thinking about nothing while watching cat videos.


What are you doing in my pants you little stinker, you know I have work.

It didn’t actually happen that fast though see, the Internet went out last night and I didn’t get it back till this morning. I caught up on the sleep I hardly get and read a book.


How barbaric…

I’m only joking, I love reading actual books because I had a kindle once and it was in my backpack and some guy jumped on my back like I was giving “Free Piggy Back Rides” and broke it. That showed me I can’t rely on technology all the dang time, because it’s some fragile stuff. It does make for some cool coasters when they are broken though.

“Is that coaster made out of an I Pad, you must be rich.”

“No, just clumsy.” *Sips on cheap wine*


(Really really cheap wine)

Everything has it’s fragile point, like with books and paper it’s of course fire. If you don’t plan on reading next to fire anytime soon though you should be fine.


“Oh shiiiiii,”

I did get the Internet back up though as you can all tell by this post, but after it came back up I did seriously think about those random questions in my head. Like what if someone from another country sent an EMP bomb over to us and knocked us off the grid. You are not getting your Internet back for a long time after that, what would we do? Would we actually see people stay static in their homes not knowing what to do? Or would we actually get some of that independence and fight back in us that we have all lost sitting inside? For our case I would hope the latter.

Who actually knows what we would do in those situations. It’s kind of like when people say that if they had to they would kill someone to save themselves.

Really, would you actually? Even though I have never done it and never plan to do so, I feel that taking someone elses life would be a bit more difficult than “Yea, I could do it.” Maybe that is just me being sympathetic or something, I don’t know.

I’m not really sure the kind of things I am capable of, and I feel that is the same case as everyone on this planet. Until we are thrown into the situation, no one should be able to truly say they are capable of anything detrimental.

It doesn’t look good for me though, because when I lost internet for a whole night I crawled into bed like the world was over.


I know, it’s a tough life.

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