Clear Vision With A Side Of…Headache

The other day I was sleeping in my bed and the phone rang, I looked at it and was tempted not to pick it up because well I didn’t know the number. Whenever I don’t know the number I usually don’t pick it up last thing I need is to pick up the phone and this stuff happen.


“What’s your favorite scary movie?”

I didn’t need that in my life, dying was not on the list of things to do today. None the less I picked up the phone and luckily it wasn’t a killer, instead it was my eye doctor announcing my new glasses have arrived.


It was Christmas all over again, I must have been too excited on the phone though because the lady laughed on the other end. All I did was say thank you like ten times, common stuff usually when good things happen man. So I rushed over there and grabbed my glasses, the handed to me and I put them on…

Now I’ve been living for almost two years with my old glasses, I enjoy the frames but it was time to move on. I don’t know what happened, maybe my prescription got worse, or someone just nuked my brain. Headaches were about instantaneous, and I never quite prepare myself for it even though it happens every time. A couple hours had passed and now they feel great after wearing them a few days.

Hopefully tomorrow I can get the time to film a story and start the whole new 2015 youtube fun for this channel.

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