Surviving A World of Swords: Review


Sword Art Online

What is it about these books and the anime that has gotten me so enticed into amazement and wonder, every time I hear the theme songs first few notes I smile. Maybe it is based on the fact that I myself have dived into the life of MMORPGs (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) since I was about twelve years old. Or maybe because despite the nerdy gaming qualities this show portrayals it also holds a plethora of loving characters, epic moments, and a story you wont soon forget.

So imagine the first ever virtual reality simulator has come out on the market, that not only your vision is effected but your whole body, you are your character. The first MMORPG for this kind of system comes out and once you dive in you can never come out, you’re stuck with everyone else in a pool of data.

That is the setting for this show, seen through the eyes of Kirito the reclusive but heroic main male character within this series. Following him are many other amazing male and female characters to surely tug at your heart while you watch the series from beginning to end. All of which have logged onto this amazing world in hopes to have some fun and laughs with friends old and new. Soon though they all realize that even though this is a game, it isn’t something that you play.

Every person that has logged on is trapped and unable to log out and give back control to their bodies in reality. Their only choice is to beat the game, or die trying, but if they die in game they will also die in reality as well. With their lives hanging in the balance Kirito and his friends must make it through the one hundred floors of the game and beat the boss on each floor to win. Will they be able to do it, or will they be trapped within the game forever.


The anime is based off of a book series written by Reki Kawahara and is illustrated by abec, the book series contained the same name as the anime ‘Sword Art Online’. The story is amazingly well written and the two main characters Kirito and Asuna are two very lovable people. Both come from different backgrounds and see the virtual reality that has trapped them differently than the other.

I turned on this show because it seemed interesting in a sense and I never expected it to actually make me smile as much as it does. It’s a story that will hopefully warm your heart if you ever give it a chance and turn it on or go and get one of the books.

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