SoCS: Awkward Potatoes and Other Fun Stuff


I’ve never been good at talking to new people, I mean yea I seem like I am really good at it with my ‘awesome’ jokes and what not, but inside I’m screaming. This is most apparent on the first date with girls that I like, my palms sweat I can’t get a sentence out that doesn’t start with UHHHH and you and I sit there awkward because I can’t think of a decent topic. Hows the weather outside? Are food sure is taking a long time. Wait we haven’t order yet? *This is torture*

It’s not that bad obviously and really I haven’t been on a wide range of dates in my twenty years of living, usually now whenever I talk to people I like I pretend it’s just a normal person. Somehow that makes it better for me and I am able to be an entertaining individual.

I was at this party one time during my time in college for a friend of my that was leaving to go on to a college out of the state, goodbyes are always hard but this party got out of hand. Everyone was drinking including myself but I was only doing so because I didn’t have car keys on me, the house was actual close to my own. So people are drinking and having a good time, I’ve never been a party person so I’m talking to close friends and just sitting around. Once all my friends leave I’m still sitting on the couch looking at the strangers around me.

There was this girl sitting on the couch by me, she was passed out from drinking to much so I kept my distance from her trying not to disturb her nap. What sounded like a trickle soon turned into the realization that this girl was pissing her pants next to me. It’s time to go I thought to myself, as I got up she woke up and had no realization at the embarrassing moment. Taking it upon myself I was willing to be embarrassed for the both of us as I scooted my ass out of this movie scene.

Hopefully you all enjoyed, this was part of Stream of Consciousness Saturdays by Linda G Hill

Go and participate I promise you wont regret it!

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