World of Warcraft and the Things I Learned


In three months I will be twenty one, and I started playing WoW when I was twelve, so I can easily say that a good chunk of my life has been accompanied by this game. Now in these nine years of my life (nine year o.o) not all of them were equally soaked up with the game. There were easily a few years that all I did was dip my foot in the water and soon go ‘Oh crap that is too cold, screw that’ but I have always kept up on what was going on.

In my time of playing this game I learned many hard lessons and tips in life that most likely I should have learned in school, I was a terrible student and I admit this. Some of these tips have actually helped me in life, others maybe not so much, but I never have regretted playing this game.

1. Making Friends Isn’t That Hard


Nice badass pose everyone now BREAK!!!

I was awful…AWFUL at making friends in real life when I was a kid, I personally like to think that I am better now but who actually knows. When I was a kid though all bets were off, I couldn’t talk to a single soul without putting my foot in my mouth and the friends I did have were by accident. In WoW though it was so much easier, was it because I was more relaxed, was it because I didn’t have to look them in the face. I have made some great friends due to this game a lot of which I still talk to and one of which I have been on a road trip with.

I was still me, the person I am in real life, but in the game I was a more relaxed version of myself. I still had the same sense of humor and attitude and people liked that and ended up being my friend. Since I learned that it became easier to make friends in my real life as well.

2. Organization Is The Bees Knees


F That.

This is easily one I should have learned in school but for some strange reason no matter how many times my parents, teacher, or I told myself to get organized it never stuck until WoW. Within the game you have a mass amount of items and buttons that you can press and if you allow it all to just run a muk then you’ll be drowning in headaches. Luckily getting organized is as easy as one, two, wait where did I put that again.


That’s Better 😀

3. The Right People Can Make The Difference 


Hello My Name Is Gnomy, And This Is Jackass.

In a game like World of Warcraft it is important to not go it alone, yes there are solo players, but for the most part you cannot get very far in the game on your own. Also in a game that is designed for people to play together it is easy to find enjoyment in the company of others. In the game there are these things called ‘Guilds’ groups of people together to make a type of army to take down bad guys and help each other out. Finding the right group of people for you can make a good game great and can make any experience ten times better, especially if you are doing them with friends.

4. Sometimes You Move On

images (4)

The nine years that this game has been in my life I have come and gone more times than I can count and every time I walk away I believe it is for good. Sometimes that is what you need to do though, even the best games if played so much can become monotonous and boring. The best answer in times is to just get up and take the good memories you have and walk away.

And the most important one of all…

5. Killing Things Is Fun 



8 thoughts on “World of Warcraft and the Things I Learned

    • That is awesome it’s always fun to meet people that somewhat understand the game or have played it. I have had plenty of times actually had people like not want to talk to me after I say I play WoW. Like what the hell man haha

  1. Love this. I have to admit I miss playing this game. What I miss most was when we would play together. I thought we had some good times. Love you.

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