To You In Heaven

Dear Grandma,

I can’t sleep…though I’m sure you know that already.

You read everything I wrote on this silly little blog, I never quite told you how much that actually meant to me. I never really expressed how much the little things you did made me smile. Most of my favorite memories I have as a kid have the setting of your home. The ones I cherish the most were holiday memories of having tons of family members under one roof enjoying each others company. The M&M’s in various containers spread throughout, and lets not forget about the Folgers coffee containers filled to the top with Reese’s. You use to have this huge pillow that as a kid I thought was the size of an entire room, I was sad the day I found out you had gotten rid of it.

I’m glad the last time we visited you weren’t in any hospital, or hooked up to any machines. I hope you’re sharing my writing with Grandpa now, I think he would enjoy some of them…maybe you could leave out the ones where I swear a little. Last thing I want is to be whacked upside the head the next time I see you both, I hope we all make you proud.

I miss you.



2 thoughts on “To You In Heaven

  1. Wesley, your grandma and grandpa are both very proud of you. They both loved you so very much. I am so sorry for your pain please know I’m here. I love you.

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