All You Did Was Drive…

When I was a kid I didn’t know that there was a difference between physical and mental fatigue, or I just didn’t know about mental fatigue. Which I guess makes at least a little bit of sense considering as a kid most of the time you get tired from running around. When my family would go on long car adventures I would be confused when my father talked about being tired.

“All you did was sit in the car.”

Snot nose little brat that is me today always seemed to say that to either of my parents when they complained about that. I didn’t know any better, but it got me thinking yesterday when I was driving to an area forty minutes away from me.

Now I learned about mental fatigue long ago, but I only finally felt it when I started driving. All of that mental awareness you have to have so you don’t do something stupid to hurt someone, or someone else doesn’t do something stupid to hurt you. The pressure just goes up by how many other people are with you, you have to balance all road activity while talking as well.

I’m surprised my parents didn’t just smack me and tell me to shut up sometimes, it would have totally been justified.

7 thoughts on “All You Did Was Drive…

  1. Yeah….driving requires a lot of mental awareness. But I love driving unless it is night time especially between 12-4 when I am close to unconsciousness. So I never drive at night.

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