SoCS – Where Were You On The…Just Kidding I’m Not A Cop.

What makes two things come together nicely, or poorly? What makes two colors, cultures, or people blend well? Is it an opinion or fact? Maybe sometimes both?

I know right, that’s a lot of questions Wes if I didn’t know any better I would think you were a cop.

No! stop running, I’m not a cop I swear. Cross my heart.

But seriously, What is it? Why do blue and orange complement each other, while blue and purple look rather wonky?

Maybe that’s is an opinion on the beholder.

I like the color combination of purple and green quite a lot, but I could never wear it or else I’ll be associated with a talking dinosaur. Ladies don’t like when you walk up in the club reminding them of when they were five.

Though color is the basic form of representation for ‘complements’ it isn’t the only one, culture can sometimes come together in proper ways as well. Like an american choosing the enjoy some Chinese food, or a Asian deciding to eat fish and chips in London. Ok, not the most profound examples, but they are a small blend of cultures.

I hope one day I can see everyone view each other as complements rather than opposites.

Abrupt ending I know, I wanted to write more but would of had to sit and think about it for awhile. As a rule of this activity I am not allowed to do that, so here you go. I will expand on it at a later time 🙂

5 thoughts on “SoCS – Where Were You On The…Just Kidding I’m Not A Cop.

  1. I was once told by a hippie that I had a green and purple fairy floating around in front of my 3rd eye.

    If only I’d known my fairy was committing fashion faux pas, I’d never have followed her into the desert…

  2. I wear purple and green! Hah! I like where this is headed, Wes. There’s a whole branch of Philosophy called Aesthetics that deals with questions just like these!! Keep thinking and writing about this stuff. I love it!!

  3. I’m quite familiar with that feeling of wanting to write more but not wanting to think about it too much. I think the ending feels more abrupt to the writer than the reader. Nice use of the prompt, my dear. 🙂

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