SoCS – Wooohoo! *He says with fake enthusiasm*

I’ve come back here everyday for about two weeks now and everyday I tell myself I’ll write something. Sometimes though, nothing get created, sometimes when you want creativity you get a void. Let me tell you this void is no friend of mine, but it’s crept it’s way into my life. Do you want this void? I mean you can have it, I’ll try and give it to you. Basically I haven’t been very enthusiastic about anything lately.

I have a tendency to throw myself into a piece of my life, and never want to leave. Never want to do anything else but that sliver of my possibility that I chose. It’s a problem that I’ve always had. I’d like to change it, I mean I would love to, but sometimes doing it is much harder than saying it.

I’ve been with a group of people for quite some time now, a group I care about. Every single one of them are completely different, not a single one is the same. I focused on one person majorly though, and I ended up gaining feeling that were not reciprocated. I mean it sucks but sometimes you just move on, because that’s all you can do.

Have you ever felt like everything about a certain place screamed that you belonged there, but you knew that it would be best to just walk away. I would have been happy to stay where I was, to stay with the group of people I had come to know fairly well. But the people around me, my sisters, my father, my mother, they all suffer to an impatient me. To a me that they felt didn’t want to deal with them at all and just wanted to be alone.

That is never ok.


This is all part of Linda G Hill’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday!

I know this piece isn’t cheerful or happy, but I hope you all enjoyed the piece of me I shared in it.

16 thoughts on “SoCS – Wooohoo! *He says with fake enthusiasm*

  1. Well, Wes, I’m happy to see you back. You did it…you wrote on your blog, and I, for one, have missed reading what you write. You have such a distinct and unique writing voice, I hope you continue to write. But, you do whatever makes you happy, whether it is writing, something else, friends, or any other interest you might have. As always, I wish you the best!

  2. So glad to see your post Wes.

    That four letter devil (aka void)…fills you up and doesn’t leave you for long, whereas the five letter angel (aka angel)… fills you up just momentarily… Not a fair world isn’t ?

    I am still waiting to get the feeling I belong somewhere , someplace. Nothing settles me down currently, even though I do have my share of moments now and then. But you know what… it’s just another day and all we can do is hope.

  3. Thank you for sharing even if it wasn’t happy or such. Such is life, right? And if you can’t work through things here, where else can you?

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  5. Ah well, you can’t please everybody, right? So do what pleases you. Everyone around you will be happier for it, because you’ll be happier. Nice to see you posting again my dear. Hang in there!

  6. Glad to see you back Wes. I understand the feeling exactly! I have been starting over for a while ever since I moved out. It just doesn’t work well all the time.

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