SoCS – Before and After They Pay.

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There is a before and after to most situation in life, one that I have found to be very prominent is the before and after coffee. I work at a coffee shop (It’s actually Dunkin Donuts) and we always get the angry impatient before person. (I think coffee shop just sounds cooler.) Everyone else though gets the non murderous after coffee image of the person.

Though towards the middle of the day you get the people who have been up for quite some time, coffee for them is merely a drink and not a happiness life source. Some of these people are quite amazing and I enjoy getting to know them through our daily thirty second snippets. One of them bikes all the time and loves the turkey sausage on flat bread. Another is an old couple who comes in the husband gets a black coffee while the wife gets green tea. Another wants a medium coffee with two and a half equal, no more no less, and he knows when you fucked up….he knows.

I also enjoy seeing the giving nature of other costumers who come through drive through and then decide to pay for the car behind them. Hopefully one good dead leads to another and another until it snowball effects. One recently was done by a women and her daughter, I could see they were kind but the guy whose stuff they payed for was shocked. As if he had never seen anything so kind and generous, ‘I don’t even know them’ he said. Only thing I could reply with was ‘Some people are just that nice.” It’s happy to see that nice people are still out there fighting the good fight.


This was part of Linda G Hills Stream of Consciousness Saturday!

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3 thoughts on “SoCS – Before and After They Pay.

  1. I’ve worked n customer service throughout the majority of my working life, and studying the vast assortment of different kinds of people (Some are picky, some are not, some buy the exact same thing every day, some try different stuff, some are friendly, some are rude) has always been one of the most fascinating parts of those types of jobs. (And provides for a seemingly endless array of blog fodder!)

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