Perceiving A Deeper Meaning


This all spawned from a conversations with a co worker, of course I had thought of this topic in my own time, but she and I revitalized it. It was brought into the light again, something I haven’t thought about since my grandmothers passing. You know when something significant happens in your life and everything you do, everything, makes you think of it. Humming birds bring tears to my eyes, they were my grandmothers favorite. 

A few weeks ago I was out with one of my sisters, I have three, forgive me if I can’t recount which one that day. It’s like a jar with paper in it and I reach in and whatever name I get is the lucky winner of my time for the day, point is, one of them was there. We were driving, and me being the wonderful safe driver that I am, decided to get distracted by the clouds. I could have sworn I saw a white silhouette of that wonderful winged creature, because you know why not make it sound monstrous.

A hummingbird can flap its wings up to 70 times per second, Its heart rate can reach up to 1,260 beats per minute. Thank you Google. That fascinates me, and so does the hummingbird shaped cloud, so does my grandmother.

You know back in high school when you were in English class and it was that tiresome poetry section. You took every line of a poem and gave it a deeper meaning than it was ever suppose to have. Blue was the sign of depression, red a sign of rage or love, and all these colors had a significance, every word had a meaning. Sometimes though blue is just blue, and a cloud is just a cloud.

I can see that depending on the day, I don’t see a hummingbird in every cloud, I’m not haunted by my grandmother. That day though was different, and I have had similar days since. I had never really seen the beauty in a hummingbird before she had explained why she loved them, that cloud reminded me just how amazing they are.

4 thoughts on “Perceiving A Deeper Meaning

    • Yea I wouldn’t mind, I believe and forgive me but I am using my memory from like ten years ago. I believe its the way the fly seemingly unending, they could be there and then gone in a blink of an eye. They move incredibly fast and just being able to glimpse one before it got away made her smile. I’ve only seen about two hummingbirds in my life and though I will admit I never did seek them, so I’m sure I could have seen more. Both those times though were accompanied by my grandmother.

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