When It Changes…

Their are many things in life that have a very abrupt changing point, graduation is the change into Adulthood (Damn adulthood), The birth of a child is the change into Adulthood: serious addition, and then when your child becomes a teenager it’s the change into  Adulthood: I said get serious addition.

When does a person following you while driving change from coincidence to suspicious? Not just the “Oh this guys been following us for a really long time…weird.” suspicious level, No this is like finding the cow level in Diablo II kind of level. I was having this thought when a car followed me for around 15 minutes, it was also night. The tension is there, can you feel it, I sure can and it feels like I’m in a spy movie. My car should have a button to deploy and oil slick, or a banana peel.

Like guys I know I have a blog, but common don’t take the term follower so literally.

At what point do you draw the line of coincidence and suspicious?

7 thoughts on “When It Changes…

  1. hmmmm…weird..but actually I was sort of coming back from airport today and kind of going behind a car for way too long (it was a highway and the only the way to the city…so come on!) and then after a point realized that the driver could totally take me as his stalker or follower and I should say I got a little bit excited 😉 for no reason!

    I think you should draw the line when they turn to the road that leads to your home 😀

    • I can agree with that, but on the high way is a different circumstance. I actually grow attached to other drivers and cars when on a long trip. When they take an exit I feel hurt and end up yelling (If I’m alone..) “FINE YOU WERE A STUPID SUBARU ANYWAYS!!!!” (Who am I kidding I do with other people as well.)

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