Everyday By David Levithan Makes Me Happy To Be Me All The Time

I’m a romantic at heart, but I never really find myself looking for romance novels, usually I go after mysteries and horrors, though sometimes they just fall into my lap. This is actually quite literally one of those times, I was walking through Barnes and Nobles and accidentally bumped a display. When this happened the book Every Day by David Levithan fell down in front of me. Actually multiple copies of this book fell down, at least fifteen, people stared, it was a big mess, lets move on.

The narrator of this story is a person named A, now I say person because wEverydayhat is unique about this character is that you don’t exactly know what gender they are. The character swaps bodies and takes over peoples lives for a day. Now he doesn’t harm them, he just goes on with their lives. Even know the books premise seems interesting enough to hook me. Though when A finds himself in the body of a girls boyfriend he starts to fall in love with her, and a romantic story is born.

Now If you are thinking what I was thinking then it’s probably along the lines of “How in the hell is that gonna work?” The character A is sixteen as well are most the other characters within the story. In my mind I cannot imagine any girl or guy being OK with dating a person who can be anyone any day. It’s like a human raffle! “What do we have today, ASIAN FEMALE, What about tomorrow! OBESE WHITE GUY!!!!” I mean the possibilities are too extreme for my taste at least. Though for those people who want to feel loyal but also feel like they’re cheating, then a body swapper is for you.

With the joking aside, the book is actually extremely well written, and doesn’t only deal with the romance. It tackled ideas of mental illnesses, homosexuality, bisexuality, and many other ways of living. Though certain chapters seemed rushed to get back to the romance between A and the girl.

Certain parts of this novel were rushed and should have been dug into a bit more in my opinion, the ending though was fantastic and got to me. I had this book attached to my hip all 322 pages of it. I loved the ride and found it to be a refreshing romance novel, if you enjoy them then you should definitely give this a go.

3 thoughts on “Everyday By David Levithan Makes Me Happy To Be Me All The Time

  1. I like the way you found the book 😛 It was as if all fifteen books were saying, “read me read me!” 😀 😀 Maybe I’ll give it a read! It sounds interesting. 🙂

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