Is Anybody There?


The air was silent, as Logan took a breath carefully he felt a type of smoke fill his lungs burning them in that moment. Eyes finally shooting open to a scene he had not expected, a classroom, a college classroom. Peering around he saw the presence of no one, the room was still within the anticipation. He expected something worse, but there was still a problem, he didn’t remember getting there.

He stood up from the desk causing the legs to screech across the floor, an unbearable sound but at that moment unimportant. His legs felt strange to him, they weren’t in pain, just in a numbed type of fashion. The ability to walk was still there though, he just had to be careful. His breath reminded him that the pain was in his ribs, something must have happened on the way over. There were no bruises or scratches that would indicate any pain, the feeling must be internal.

Sun was shining through the windows high within the sky, it was close to noon, so there should have been people littering the hallway. The thought shot it’s way through Logan’s mind as he made his way through the empty hall. The wall to his left soon changed to a window, it looked out into the courtyard, within it a group of smokers.

Not his crowd, but at least they were people, he stopped in his tracks and hurried to the door yanking it open. He was desperate to figure out what was happening. There was a pillar and as he walked by it the visibility of the group faded for a moment. When he was finally free of the blockage what was there waiting was something entirely new, a truck. Logans eyes widened for a moment before shutting as the truck seemed to be rushing towards him, his hands went up in a protective fashion, though it was futile.

Moments passed before Logan released the idea of dying, he looked out at the empty courtyard that laid before him. The group had faded away as if the truck had run them over into oblivion. The air was hot and dry, a drought had ridden through their town so long the grass looked more like hay. It crinkled as he stepped onto the surface, he noticed smoke rising from the grass. Though the people had vanished their cigarettes had yet to go, a small fire erupted and grew with ferocious behavior. He ran over towards it, he stomped quickly onto it trying to smash it out of existence, the pant leg of his catching fire in process.

The mind of his reeling with thoughts as he swung his leg around frantically trying to put of the roaring flames. He could tell that they had started to eat his flesh, but the numbness hid the pain. Once it was out he could see the charred flesh of his and though it concerned him it was only one of the many worries he had. What was happening? Logan had thought quietly to himself.

His car was over the hill in the parking lot that was hidden, he sighed for a moment before walking over leaving the empty school behind him. He walked through the amphitheater that the school had built a few years ago to host concerts. He imagined people cheering and screaming through the loud ear numbing music. He felt around his pants pockets realizing his phone was in one. He pulled it out quickly hoping he could possibly get a hold of someone. The date on it was wonky, it said February 6th, 2013, which for the most part was right, but it was 2012.

Calling his sister first he prayed she would answer, no luck, the line rang a few times but then went dead. She must have seen the caller ID and just couldn’t be bothered, he couldn’t blame her though, she was probably in class.

His father was the next option, though he is always working and hardly ever picks up the phone. He had only talked to his dad a few times on the phone and each time he had been the one to call. Usually it was to ask where I was at if I was out late with friends, or to ask for a favor. Logan decided it was best to try someone else instead, he moved on from his fathers contact quickly.

His mother was an obvious choice, he dialed it without hesitation, if there was anyone who could help him it was her. She picked up within the second ring with a soft voice that sounds like it had been crying. “Hello, this is Mrs. Stein.” It sounded almost pitiful to him, but he continued onward.

“Mom, it’s me.” Logan said, he knew she had caller ID, so he didn’t quite understand why she answered so politely.

“Hello…” She must not of heard him, Logan repeated himself patiently, but yet to no avail she couldn’t hear his voice. “Is anybody there?”

“Mom, it’s me, it’s Loga…” He stopped for a moment the phone went dead, she had hung up, but that wasn’t the issue. He had been walking while doing this and was finally at his destination. At least he believed he was there, the car was crushed in on the drivers side as if it had been hit by a wrecking ball. The hood was a burnt black color that laid upon the blue chromatic finish.

He could feel the smoke all too real, the pain in his ribs as well as his legs flared causing him to fall. He remembered what had happened vaguely, it was all kind of blurred, though that was the alcohol’s fault. He had ran a red light and been hit by a truck twice the size of him. It was his own fault, he had done something stupid, the pain was twisting his stomach. His body flailed in a spasm trying to get it to go away, though this was his punishment.

He wasn’t the only one to pay for his mistake that night.


Hope you all enjoyed the story, it was a tough one to write, I didn’t quite know how to use the prompt properly but this was the result.

This was a part of’s September Challenge. Today’s prompt is: write a story that features people disappearing.

Go and join and have fun writing a wacky story, I took on the more serious approach and hopefully it works out.

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