These hands look ancient, but I should expect that, I have been using this identity for a few centuries. Splashing water on my face I can’t quite tell where it had originated from, I remember it to be nobility, but of what name I have forgotten. I’ve forgotten so much in my life time, I don’t quite remember what I use to look like. It use to be fun, what I did, it was easy to steal when other people already thought it to be yours. It was petty theft though, nothing exciting, nothing quite like this.

Though this lifestyle has started to dull on me, it doesn’t gain me the same amount of satisfaction that it had before. A long sigh escapes my lips as I hear the door to the bathroom swing open, a guest wandering in. “Mr. Cambridge, I had no idea you would be here, so this is where you’ve been hiding all night.” Right…I was at a party, that fact dissipated from my mind for some reason.

“Oh, the crab cakes just messed with my system is all.” I gave a weak forced smile to try and convey the sickness with confidence.

“Well that’ll do it to an old stomach.” I don’t quite remember the name, no matter how many times I glance at the face accompanying me, a name just doesn’t follow. Though his actions remind me of who he is, another one of the rich folks in…crap what year was it. I need to be more careful with these things, I can’t be careless, I should always know the time.

I reached into my pocket quickly snatching my phone out, the screen dimly lit showed the year 2015. Once placing it back into it’s resting place I scratch my temple lightly, the time flew by in this body, so many fond memories. It’s time to move on though, I’m tired of being old…and rich, how can you be tired of being rich?

It’s time to move on.

I take one final breath and turn to the man washing his hands next to me, “Goodbye.” I say gruffly before taking my leave swinging the door open into the lavish party awaiting. People try to talk and chat about how their money was forever growing and expanding, but I had other plans. The idea making it easy to push past them and out the door into the streets of New York City.

A city that never slept was an easy place to find a new face, I look back one last time, remembering all the things I am giving up. The feeling welling within me was enough to break me into returning, but I had my fun. My feet move one after another down the city streets quickening in pace as a searched for my next destination.

Male or Female? What race? What age? What body type? These questions, though they sound ridiculous to others sound rational to me. I smile for a moment once I see him, he fits my needs fine. He is making his way towards me, we should only pass each other once in our life, and that time is now. As my shoulder brushes against his he turns to yell, but loses the chance as my vision switches. I can see the old man now, his ancient hands and all, as he falls to the ground. He should have died a long time ago anyways.

These hands look new, but I should expect that, I have only been using this identity for a couple seconds so far. It’s been so long since I switched, I’m not use to it anymore, the feeling giving me goosebumps. I reach into my coat pocket and pull out a wallet, it’s was a type of brown leather, nothing special. A few twenties sit within it, but the money isn’t  important, I look at the ID with close inspection.

My name is Johnathan Hughes.


Hope you all enjoyed this story, this was actually a great character to develop and place into a story.

This was all part of Storyaday.org’s September Challenge!

If you want to participate the prompt today is: Your character’s an extremely talented pickpocket. He learned the skill when he was young and poor. Now he has a good job, a healthy bank account, and a respectable lifestyle, but he thinks it’s a shame to let such remarkable talent go to waste.

As you can tell I tweaked the idea a bit but I think I still fall within the guidelines.

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