Story A Day Challenge – Day 3 – Pandora’s Maze


A flash of light soars through the air, as it collides with the wall pieces of the creatively designed brick chip away. He could see the pieces easily fall, the dust filters through the air and as it settles he is met with the same realization. The wall, no matter how many times he hits it, wont convey a scratch on it’s perfect foundation.

“Haven’t you tried that already?” The voice is tense, the fear in it causing the syllables to shake. His breath heavy with the effort he had been using, an ineffective measure to solidify the fact that they had to move. An hour has passed and the walls of the maze are already starting to feel smaller.

“What do you expect us to do Willow?” The man says with a heavy heart, getting angry towards her is not his intentions, just a side effect of the situation.

“I expect us to get out of here Shane, but that’s obviously not it.” Willow never showed signs of being a push over, this was no different. Knowing that the angry Shane conveyed wasn’t directed towards her made it easy to deal with. They had woken up close to an hour ago and had yet to make progress. Though they could be seeking the wrong answers, maybe instead of figuring a way out, they should be wondering how they got there.

A scream, an agonizing one, echoes through the walls bouncing, it could have come from anywhere. The instrument sitting gracefully on the side of Willow understands this, she grips it instinctively. Placing her fingers in the right places at the right time can do anything, people like to call her a bard, though she feels she is much more advanced. Bringing it to her lips she starts to play a melody, as it emanates from her a weird feeling flows into her as well as Shane.

Their feet feel much lighter than before, Shane takes a step and it takes a small fraction of the time it used to. A small smile flickers his lips as he races through the maze Willow following close behind. The walls all look the same, noticing progress is impossible, all there is, is hope. The walls unexpectedly fade away to present what can only be the middle, a large courtyard with a massive fountain within the middle. An man like statue looking up towards the sky causing the two of them to do the same, stars scattered in random amounts. The darkness made the maze even more frightening, though they are not alone.

The cry is heard again though this time the walls are unable to bounce it by the time it reaches their ears. Across the way, a young women is crouched against one of the walls for a moment. A large beast like creature stands firmly in front, blocking an exit, bringing up his claws he swipes down with a killers intent. Willows eyes shut away from the horror, though Shane couldn’t look away, he was already moving. By the time the claw made it far enough he was already in front, his hand open emitting a bright white shield.

The claws grind against it breaking apart, this injured the beast, he was not a werewolf though he looked oddly similar. His face was not that of a wolf or human but of some ungodly creation. Shane looks upon it with a horrific expression, it was as if Picasso had a nightmare and then painted it. As the claws recede Shane’s shield burst as if it was created by the moonlight. It glittered in the air for a moment, it gave the girl he’s protecting the image of fairy dust. Though at his side in his free hand a light flickers, the beast let out a terrifying scream, Shane flinches for a moment but regains his concentration.

From the side lines Willow produces another melody, this one offensive in a way, the beast is immobilized. The flicker grows into a brilliant light as he throws his hand forward producing a magnificent beam of light. The creatures silhouette stays for a few moments but fades into oblivion before the spell is over.

The girl behind Shane shakes in fear, but as the spell finally dissipates Shane turns and looks at her smiling. Willow soon walking up to greet him with a warm presence, “Don’t worry.” She says slowly, giving the small child the kindest eyes she could show. “We will get out of here, this maze will not be the death of us.”


This one felt rushed for me, but it was the best I could produce today.

This is part of Story A Day Challenge

If you would like to participate, the link is right above, go ahead it is fun.

Today’s Prompt: Your character is lost in a maze.

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