I Hope The Movie Changed It

Me and Earl and the Dying Girl by Jesse Andrews is probably the only book I have ever wanted this to happen to, it’s also not because it’s bad. The book itself is actually quite enjoyable, though is does share a similar outline as John Greens ‘The Fault In Our Stars’.

They are both books in which the main female character has cancer, and besides that the two sit on different ends of a small spectrum. Oneme and earl is a love story while the other is well…nothing at all, that coming from the narrator Greg Gaines. Throughout the book he specifically says “I have no idea why I’m writing this book.”

This is one of those books I shut my mind off and started to read, which in a way is what I think the author Jesse Andrews wants you to do. It isn’t meant to have some kind of hidden meaning behind it, it’s almost as if it were a spoof of ‘The Fault In Our Stars.’

The only set back of the novel is that every character within the book is likable to an extent, except for the main one Greg Gaines. Now this could also be something the author wanted to happen, for me though it became lack luster. I got to the end and was perturbed that the main character never changed, he stayed a jerk.

Other than that the novel gave me a few laughs and Greg Gaines silly humor did entertain me. The side characters were lively and when they showed up into the novel gave it a bit more life. That’s what saves it in retrospect, the side character made the book manageable because they all had feelings where the main character doesn’t.

I had my ups and downs reading this novel, it wasn’t bad, it wasn’t wonderful to me either. It stayed in a pit of okayness which isn’t the worst thing that could possibly happen. Though when I say that I want the movie to change, I don’t mean make it a love story, I just want Greg Gaines to have more life to him rather than being all ‘Screw this and screw that.’


2 thoughts on “I Hope The Movie Changed It

  1. LOL. Greg came off as a jerk in some ways, but I think it is also is due to the way he brought up. He never really had to feel like he needs to help others, and also he was very sheltered. I think Earl allowed him to see that the world is much bigger than expected.

    • Yea, I can see that kind of stuff now after reading your review on it. It’s funny how a little extra prospective can help shape an understanding. I also saw on your blog Unime TV is looking for people, I decided to apply it seems like an awesome thing to do.

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