In Between

Light and dark are two concepts that in my life have fascinated me, in high school I would take an idea from it and turn it into a story. Back when I began writing I was all into horror, I wanted to write something that would send a type of fear and anxiety into them. I loved that feeling whenever I had watched horror movies or read a Stephen King novel.

I like the contrast between the two of them, one of my favorite stories I ever wrote in the horror genera was of a creature. Just a simple concept, it didn’t look fancy or have any special abilities, but it lived between light and dark.

You know when you finally turn on the light or walk outside after sitting in the dark for a long period of time. There is that small amount of time your eyes are adjusting, that was where the creature lived, that was the only time they could be seen. It was an interesting concept at the time. Who knows, I may re write it into a new story for the blog. Possibilities….

Stream of Consciousness Saturday!

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