Story A Day Challenge: In The Dark

There were echoes in the forest, conversations from years gone by memorized by the roots, flowing through the trees. The sound makes it difficult to try and process thoughts, you could feel the frustrations emanate. The four of them walk along an invisible path, guided by Keep. The time streamed by steadily and the more they wasted finding nothing the more they became agitated. “Are you sure you’re correct?” Shane joked in Keeps direction, Willow and Sarra looked at him with grins plastered on there face, a joyful look that hadn’t seemed to effect Keep.

“My detection magic is never wrong.” Keep announced bluntly obviously missing the punch line. Shane raised his hands in the air and waved them slightly, the motion made it seem he had given up a fake argument.

“I’m just saying…” Shane began but was quickly cut off.

“Well I wish you wouldn’t” Keep had always been a bit hard to reach when it came to sarcasm, the style always seemed to evade him.

The forest abruptly fell into a clearing, it wasn’t a large one, but the size of it gave room for an odd building. It took the shape of what some would call a warehouse, Shane looked at it suspiciously. His eyes looked back at Keep who was staring at the sight triumphantly. There was an ominous feel to the area, a large magic energy radiated from it as if it were decorated with Christmas lights. This was the place Keep had found in his search, though none of them realized it would look so deserted.

“It looks abandoned.” Sarra said bluntly as hers strings start to fall from her finger tips like spider webs.

“Looks can be deceiving…keep your guard up.” The last of the leaves crinkled under their shoes as the four of them stepped into the clearing. The soft soil made it easy to sink if stood on for a short period of time. A large iron clad door stood strong in front of them, the sight was intimidating. Shane placed his weights force behind the push, the door finally giving out after a few seconds. A screech bellowed at them as the steel scrapped roughly on the concrete.

The room, shrouded in darkness, gave Shane an uneasy feeling, avoiding traps and keeping his friends safe was important. A shimmer flickered in his right hand suddenly as he moved it in a swift motion as if throwing a ball. “Illuminate!” He yelled with a wonderful echo to follow, a heavenly light boosted from his finger tips and flew through the building. The illumination lasted only a second on each spot, though the time short, Shane noticed a small human like figure at the end.

“Sarra, I’m going to do that again, there is something at the far end, I need you to grab it.” He gave it as if it were a command, but they knew his intentions. Sarra nodded in agreement with said plan and prepared herself. The same light at a quickened pace flew through the dusty old warehouse. Sarra caught a glimpse towards the end of what Shane had talked about. A small grin moved her mouth in a wondrous fashion as fascination set in.

“Puppet strings!” She yells as her fingers fly forward, thin like webs spring out farther losing themselves in the darkness. When they latch she can feel it, the feeling quickly becoming a reality after a few seconds. The strings were not as fast as light, though she had trained her body to move them in a proud speed. “I’m connected.” She announced bringing a smile to all of their faces.

“Now bring it back.” Shane’s voice held that of victory for a moment, though as Sarra began he could tell she was having difficulty. Fighting as she had her feet were no match for the unexpected strength of her catch. The feet of hers lost their ground and sent her wailing into the darkness, fear pricked her young heart.

“Sarra.” Shane could here Willow yell and before he could stop her a melody started to play, the instrument of hers knew danger was ahead. It played a speed melody making her lighter on her feet, the sword she held in high regard was ready for blood. No one attacks her sister without the grim reaper having a fresh kill to catalog.

“Keep, you know what to do if any of us are in real danger.” Behind the women Shane found himself playing catch up, a game he rarely liked to play. He was good at making come backs though, especially when all hope seems lost. As he placed his right hand into his left palm he looked into the darkness with a sudden sense of excitement. This was definitely interesting to him, but he knew that if anything were to happen to either of the ladies he would be struck with grief. That thought bringing reality back to him in folds.

“Beacon!” One final spell that illuminates the front of the warehouse with a vicious carnivorous light, ready to chew into the darkness. As his hands move apart a blade seems to portal its way through Shane’s palm. What ever was in that darkness, what ever threatened the safety of his friends, didn’t stand a chance.


This is a condensed versions of one of my favorite chapters from my wanna be novel ‘To The Gate’ it fit the prompt for today and since the last two days have been too hectic and busy to participate I hope that this will be liked.

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