Story A Day Challenge: A Maze of Tree’s

Shane looked up towards the canopy, he observed as the light pressed through the small cracks the branches allowed. Leaves of different colors and various sizes had begun to fall from the towers trees. How high do the trees lead? Shane had thought here and there during the walk, frequently he checked to noticed the three others still with him. It was either annoyance or relief that always flowed over him, or maybe it was a place in between the two. The rain of leaves scattered onto them which caused some to be caught within their hair. As Shane began to pick one out he quickly crumpled it within his slim fingers, the sound was slightly different from crushing them with your feet to your hands, Shane would make note of that.

A few hours had passed and yet there was no reason for any of them to be there, no memory came sulking back in after a long night. Every direction within the forest looked identical, the variations were small and hardly noticeable. Shane thought back to his father who multiple times tried to get him into hunting, he should have taken him up on it.

“Where are we?” A petite young voice echoed through the maze of nature.

“Well since everything looks the same, I’d say the same place as two hours ago.” Shane’s voice came out rough and annoyed, though he never quite meant it to.

“Hey don’t get mad at Sarra, she’s just curious.” An older feminine voice sounded commanding to be noticed.

“I’m not a baby Willow…” Sarra’s small voice echoed once again, Shane looked at her with interest. She must have been young, he studied her for a moment which caused an uneasy feeling within the young lady. The gaze of his moved from her and Willow, though Willow was much older it was easy to identify that they were siblings.

“HEY, how about you stop leering at us like a creep.” The conviction of her voice through Shane off balance, he hadn’t meant to look for such a long period of time.

“I was only wondering how such a young girl gets stuck somewhere like this.” Shane announced as he gestured towards Sarra, he could tell her cheeks burned with embarrassment by being singled out. He shook his hand quickly as if wiping the act away with an invisible cloth. “I apologize.”

Willow fidgeted with the question of his, resenting him somewhat for bringing up such a personal matter. What did he care how we got here? She thought to herself quickly as silence filled the air where an answer should have appeared.

“She was with me when it happened.” Her head aimed down as if ashamed at the fact that she dragged her sister into such a matter. It was her cheeks this time that burned in embarrassment, this caused their similarity to match perfectly. Tears seemed to wheel into her eyes unexpectedly even to herself. It was Shane’s turn to feel the sting of discomfort, he hated to see a women cry. He tried to move, or at least say something that would help, nothing came though.

A small touch on her shoulder was present within a few seconds of the tears, it was comforting to her. Though it wasn’t Shane who had done this, he looked astonished to see Nolan standing next to her. “You can’t blame yourself, I can tell Sarra doesn’t.”


I really had no idea what to do for this, today I have been working a bit on ‘To The Gate’ so just like yesterday I decided to go with a excerpt from one of the chapter, this is basically the very beginning of the fours adventure into the world of Loria.

I hope you enjoyed the piece, I sure enjoy writing them.

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