What Was That? Why Am I Tying A Noose Around My Nec…Shit


Oh yes…it’s a book review and a bloody terrifying one at that. (Why do British people get all the cool sayings…I wanna call a cookie a biscuit…I WANNA CALL A COOKIE A BISCUIT!!!) Bird Box by Josh Malerman not only had me sitting at the edge of my seat the entire time but also left me wanting more. It’s a horror novel I know, I should get done with it and go thank god it’s over! But no I wanted to see the story go further.


Imagine the movie the Crazies without the water fiasco, and instead have some creepy creature like The Silence from Doctor Who messing with your mind.

In this story we follow the character known as Malorie who is just wanting to escape, to live a normal life. We learn of what has happened in the world through a swaying of past and present. The whole time you wonder about the characters. The story gives you questions that beg to be answered and then finally do in a crescendo of horror. It gave me plenty of chills and the novel is wonderfully done.

There is something outside, no one knows what it is, but they know that if you see it your sanity goes with it. This leads to many heart wrenching stories from every character within it. You feel for them and share the pain and fear they all have, you also share the disgust in some ways.

The novel not only held me tight through the whole ride but also left me wishing I could go again and find something new. Though it was horror the ending was believable and I could see it actually happening. Give this book a chance and allow it to scare you into wanting to close your eyes next time you go outside.

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