Do Fairies Even Have Tails?

Fairy tail cool

I remember not knowing a single thing about this anime until my youngest sister found it on Netflix. After she got bored and was finished with it I decided to take a look at it myself, I’m a sucker for a world of magic. It quickly drew me in with it’s wide range of characters and different personalities. For an anime that is directed towards children it sure has it’s deep and dark moments. Every character big or small has a story behind them, one you eventually hear about in one way or another. This makes the world spring to life in knowing that everyone you’ll meet has a rich and wonderful tale.

The story is mainly about the (in)famous wizard guild Fairy Tail, the guild in which our characters reside in. The five characters that are really deeply explained from the very beginning are Natzu (a fire wizard), Lucy (a celestial wizard), Gray (a ice wizard), Erza (a combat wizard), and Happy (a flying, talking cat). These character and their adventures with each other and within the guild are what make this anime amazing. Though it has many attributes that make it great and cause it to stick out more than most, it also holds a great place in my heart.

I’m a glutton for good anime openings, if you can get an anime with a catchy theme to it, then I’ll probably give it a chance. Fairy Tail fires right away with catching tunes and an enticing melody in almost everyone of their many theme songs. From opening with mostly strings, to fiesta sounds, and even a good rap opening Fairy Tail never seemed to fail in getting me to listening to the opening every time. I can still listen to a YouTube video of every opening today and sit through it all.

The main characters within this anime sometimes wavers on who the story arc wants to focus on. For the most part you could say that the main characters are Natzu and Lucy who you are introduced to in the first episode. From there though characters fly around from being front and center to being a background singer. I enjoy it personally because it helps with character development so well.

Though this anime does hold it’s own accord of cliques, which we can list them off if we feel like it. Gajeel_releasing_his_power

  1. Power Ups – Now remember in super mario world when you hit that block and that red mushroom came flying out. Oh the joy when you caught it and became stronger, that type of thing happens a lot within this anime…a lot…
  2. Power of friendship – Well this anime is directed towards children so I Friendshipcan understand this. Though it is still somewhat I clique, when you’re losing a fight and the memory of your friends randomly makes you stronger. It is nice and heart warming and I welcome it whenever it wants to show up.
  3. Never Gonna Die – There are some ferocious attacks within this anime, some of which happen and should result in death. Yet somehow the characters find away around it. Not even the enemies die, they just get beaten in a fight and for some reason throw in the towel for life. Though there are some enemies that do make reappearances, and my god aren’t they annoying.

Even with those cliques within it I still find the anime to be one of the most enjoyable rides that have yet to stop. I enjoy the way it’s written, the voice acting is top notch, and the themes they decide to focus on are appropriate for a young adults anime. I cannot tell you how annoying it is to find a young adults anime that is all about romance and sexual drive. Though Fairy Tail has that sex appeal within it, which would be a tough thing to deny, it doesn’t quite focus on romance at all. I mean you can tell when characters are in love, or care for each other deeply, but it’s always done in a slow and sometimes subtle way.

All in all I find this anime to be one of my favorites and think you should give it a chance.


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