Angel + Android = Angeloid : Heaven’s Lost Property Review


Produced by: Funimation

Synopsis: The peaceful lazy high school student Tomoki Sakurai’s life gets derailed when a beautiful angel falls from the sky…and starts calling him master.


If you were to file this anime in the proper placement you would have to put it into the ‘Guilty Pleasure’ folder.



Is there a file called ‘Super Guilty Pleasure’…oh there is!

Heaven’s Lost Property is a pretty interesting show, good and bad, the first few episodes are pretty inane, but if you get past it I’m sure you’ll actually enjoy it. There’s a plethora of fan service and crude behavior, me being a guy though didn’t bother me much. Though for anyone who is offended by such things I would avoid this anime or suffer the wraith of FLYING PANTIES!!!


So majestic 

One of the first episodes of this anime is actually centered around girls panties flying away, is it stupid? Yes, is it funny? …yea…

Though beyond the silly episodes Heaven’s Lost Property has an interesting story line, it’s filled with interesting character, and has some well done fight scenes. The anime is centered around funny moments, but even with that finds ground with some tense moments as well. The art style is wonderful and the characters grow on you episode after episode.

Heaven’s Lost Property is enjoyable with it’s blend of comedy, romance, and fantasy. I liked this anime, it gave me a few laughs even though it was crude a good chunk of the time. Not the best but still worth a look at, the voice acting is spot on, the animation is wonderful, and the story line is decent.

I would recommend that anyone wanting to watch this anime be 16+ due to the stunning amount of fan service and crude behavior. If you would like to watch it you can find it here on Netflix.

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