My Dog…My Dog Ate My Wifi?

In the age of WiFi it’s very difficult to find a good reason why you hadn’t finished your homework. The idea of your dog eating your homework is slowly fading away and with it all the doggy paper treats.

I was a terrible high school student, I never did my homework and when I did it was sub par. It clicked for me in my Junior year to actually start trying and even then the only subjects I did well in were History and English. It was mainly the homework situation, it would pile up until it buried me. I was also a procrastinator I hated doing anything on time, and finishing stuff was near…

I played video games, mainly I played World of Warcraft, so really it consumed my life and in reality that is an excuse. I was lazy and unmotivated, I don’t even understand why, I can’t blame a bad childhood or parenting both were fine in their own way. I had…have plenty of people sitting in my corner waiting for me to achieve something, anything, and they are all collecting dust. Luckily though my corner isn’t the only one they need to be in.

Let me start off by saying I love you all, and I also enjoy getting these awards and challenges from you all. There is a part of though that is thinking “Why do my blog buddies give me homework!!!” It’s an after thought, not a prominent one, more of an amusing inquiry that makes me chuckle.

I suck at doing homework.

PS: Just because I suck at it doesn’t mean I wont try

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