The Best Part Of Waking Up…

Is it Folgers? Is it going back to bed? Who knows really it could be anything…

it’s going back to bed.

I have people ask me all the time, ‘Wes how fresh is the coffee?’…I work at Dunkin Donuts so that would probably be why. It’s a reasonable question, but do I look like a guy who would serve you non fresh coffee? No, would I serve you old coffee instead of brewing a new batch which takes about 4 mins? …Maybe.

As far as you’re concerned the coffee is so fresh it was actually almost cast to play the fresh prince before Will Smith. I have proof!

Coffee fresh

He almost made it to, but then it went past thirty minutes and the casting director told us he just wasn’t fresh enough. Like what a load of bull right!

I also have a second question asked to me as well, is the coffee hot? Well…

Coffee hot

And to make this post gender friendly!!!


It felt really weird editing that picture, but I did it because you know…dedication and all that jazz.

There is a point to all of this though, despite those obvious question I get the occasional person ordering decaf and then making sure it’s decaf. Now the logic behind asking me one last time if it’s decaf is concrete. I get it, but when an elderly gentleman or madam comes up into the store I get a little antsy. I once had one elderly person come in and complain that the last time he visited the store he received regular coffee rather than decaf. He proceeded to tell me he had a heart condition and that the coffee really messed him up.

WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT! I wasn’t the one who done f’ed up, I’m not the only one who works at the store. I feel though that the blame is a fifty fifty split, because even though we should have given the man decaf humans are humans. We all make mistakes, we all screw up sometimes, I mean earlier I even stubbed my toe somehow walking through my house. Now since we all have human error then if you have a heart condition why not just make your coffee at home. Then you would know 100% of the time that the coffee wont kill you!


I swear if I die and someone goes through my pictures on this computer they’re going to think I’m a sociopath. I BLAME FREE PHOTO EDITING TOOLS!

6 thoughts on “The Best Part Of Waking Up…

  1. Maybe that old guy did receive decaf, and it was the stress of driving to and from the store that caused his heart problems that day. Maybe you (or whoever was on duty that day) should have offered either home delivery or free chauffeur service. 🙂

    PS: I much prefer that second “hot” photo – I don’t think he looks weird at all.

    • You know cordelia your probably right sheesh, old people and their knack of getting into trouble. I knew some people would like the second hot coffee that is why he came into existence.

  2. 😀 In India, we went to Dunkin Donuts which was opened last year and saw the caption in their cup ‘What did the Donut whisper into the coffee’s ears? U r steamin’ HOT!’ Is that the case there too ? Is it just to invite the Indian young crowd 😉

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