Impatient Much?

Sometimes the things that people do annoy me, HELL, sometimes the things I do annoy me. It’s a problem, I know this, I would be a moron if I didn’t. We all have pet peeves, people talking on phones in restaurants, people who stand there instead of saying excuse me. I found out a new pet peeve that I have, it’s rather small but it still exists.

People who walk on escalators.

I was at Barnes and Nobles today getting a present for my sisters birthday and I watch as a person sprints down the escalator. Like this is a magical invention in human history people, stand and enjoy it.

When I was a kid I was actually afraid that an escalator was going to eat me. That’s crazy though right?…RIGHT?!?!?!?


My god o.o it’s beginning 


OH NO!!!!!!!

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