Between Epiphany and Stupidity

It’s late…or early…it’s 5:23 am so it really depends on if you’re a morning person or not. I for one am not a morning person, I wish I was, it would probably make my life easier if I were to actually sleep at night. No I always need the sun jussssssst barely peeking over the horizon for me to know it’s time to sleep.

I do my best thinking at these times, I’m on the brink of exhaustion and enlightenment, at least I feel that way.

Anyone know what the most common time of day/night that people find enlightenment? That would be an interesting study.

I do my best thinking in these times, it’s sporadic thoughts, think of it as Stream of Consciousness without the Saturday. Or a helpful prompt from Linda G Hill, sometimes you just gotta roll with it.

Do you think that being in an organized religion is enough to make it into Heaven?

I mean I know plenty of people that probably hope so, but is it really? We see Heaven as this oasis, this paradise, and unlike anything else it must have it’s standards. If it is truly head by an all loving and all powerful being, would it exclude anyone?

See the problem with this post is it’s a ton of questions with very little answers. I mean sure there will be people who read this and go ‘I HAVE YOUR ANSWER RIGHT HERE!!!’ Guess what! I’m not looking for an answer, I’m mostly in search of having a conversation. I’d rather not fight about who’s ideology is right or wrong, that stuff gets tiring.

One of the biggest questions I’ve ever had in my mind, one that has never left me since it popped into my head is;

Do you think that Heaven could ever be full?

It’s an idea that often got me thinking while I sat in bed looking at the ceiling, it’s kept me up at nights and not in a bad way. I mean sure it’s frightening to think of the possibility that when I day Heaven will have no room for me. I’m also not banking on Heaven to be there either hence not being apart of any religion. I like to believe that anything is possible and that all idea have a chance to be true. Even that Atheist stuff about turning into a tree, that’s the Atheists right?

Heaven sounds more appealing though if I were to be honest.

I have a friend that talks a lot about allowing god to guide her way, or believing in gods plan. I talk to her from time to time and she seems to be so calm and collect, though I’m sure she has her days where she just wants to flip. I can understand why people are religious though, it’s something to latch to. Belief can be a very powerful thing, you put enough thought into something and it could possibly be true.

We use a fraction of our brain capacity, I read 10% and that a lucky few exceed that limitation. All of that unused brain activity could possibly be getting used, this is starting to sound like a conspiracy theory but it’s not, just a fun thought. Billions upon billions of people with so much untapped potential all believing in one thing together, Heaven.

So my last and final question, Do you think it’s possibly that we created Heaven?

2 thoughts on “Between Epiphany and Stupidity

  1. You got me thinking alright! šŸ™‚ Yes, I think we created Heaven and Hell to keep people on their toes. Its like a teacher saying, if you do this right, you will get a candy and if you don’t well… You know what I mean šŸ˜‰ At least when my brother has to control his uncontrollable 3 year old, he uses God and heaven and hell to scare her and make her do the right thing. Is it the right way ? I dont know. Is it the easy way ? Yes, it certainly is.

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