Are You Me? or Am I You?

Another blogger got this stuck in my head, this thought that she claims to have been caused by 1 am and a couple glasses of wine.

So lets take it further, a sober Wes and 3 am.

When do we start to think? Or to put it in a better way when do we realize we are able to think? Now I’m not talking about learning, crawling, walking, and talking, these are all things that people are meant to learn. Yes it requires thoughts, but what I would like to know is when do we realize we are thinking.

Like right now you are reading this and also producing your own thoughts on this subject, we talk to ourselves as well, form patterns of thoughts and string them into a conversation. Is there a difference between thinking and talking when dealing with the matters of the mind?

Right now I am thinking but I am also talking to you and to myself, when do we realize we have this capability.

Obviously it is when we’re kids, but this also brings more questions at least to myself. Why don’t these thoughts scare us at first? Or do they? Our mind controls our fears and dreams, everything about us is within it.

Maybe the reason that we are so scared of things as kids is because we’ve yet to gain control over our thoughts. I remember laying in the dark trying to fall asleep, but my mind always played tricks, it always made me imagine monsters in the darkest corners. In a way the person inside the thoughts are able to control us, it causes us to fear a multitude of things even in adulthood.

Who is in control? Yourself or your mind?

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