It Puts the Steel Ladder on the Skin!

Imagine a twelve year old Wes then picture what that Wes would do when obsessed with WWE…

Some pretty stupid shit! Did you answer correctly? You’re awesome if you did.

I would have also accepted the answers: Shit he shouldn’t have been doing! or Some bullllllllllshit! But for that last one you have to say it in a bad Asian accent for it to count, it’s not raciest if it’s funny. 😀

Wait…you’re telling me that’s incorrect? *pulls out apology speech*

I use to live in a cul-de-sac and if you don’t know what the hell that is I don’t blame you. When I moved to New York and told people of my old home they all looked at me like ‘cul-de-what?’ Basically a cul-de-sac is a street with one inlet/outlet, it was pretty much a HUGE circles with houses lining the perimeter.

So have we pictured it? Yes? Ok cool lets continue.

All of my friends lived within this circle, it made it easy to hang out and honestly there were no times I was inside all day. Except those days that I was…but we don’t talk about them. Remembering it is hard sometimes, because the present is such a different beast. I remember vividly walking around my house on cold days, we lived on a hill so wind was rather viscous at times when walking down.

This is also Indiana so by the time I was twelve I had seen a fair share of tornadoes, I began to even categorize them into a cabinet labeled ‘Tornadoes That Didn’t Kill Me’…

During this time in my life my four friends and I were quite fond of WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) we were boys so seeing people beat each other up was #1. We had yet to get to that stage where all we thought about was sex, this was back in early 2000’s so internet had yet to ruin the young mind.

After watching an episode of RAW or SMACKDOWN my friends and I would put on our own wrestling matches. When we did this we made sure it was legit, we had a toy belt, a tall tree, and yes a ladder. Now during this particular incident we were hanging around this kid I didn’t like named Zach. I had good reason, one reason will be explained through this post. I said some hurtful things to this kid and I’d like to take this time on the off chance that he reads this and say…

“F#$@ you Zach!”

Childish? Probably, was it worth it? I like to think so.

We set up this ladder match and we were ready to go, I was bigger than most my friends so they posed no challenge. Except I did have this friend that during these fun sessions went into this rage and started to swing his arms violently. He didn’t like to lose, and I didn’t like to win enough to be punched in the face seriously.

Towards the end when everything went wrong I was climbing the later and who’d you guess comes up behind me. Zach! He grabs my shirt and yanks causing me to lose the balance I had conjured. I fell to the ground landing roughly on my back, BUT it didn’t end there. After such a spectacle occurs Zach not only closed the ladder but proceeds to throw it down on me.

Talk about a dick move am I right?

I’m not sure if any of you have ever had a steel ladder thrown on you before, but it’s some painful stuff.

Yelp Review 

0/10 Would not use in a fake ladder match again.

2 thoughts on “It Puts the Steel Ladder on the Skin!

  1. Oops!!! That must have hurt!
    Thanks for explaining the cul-de- , always wondered about it.
    My sister’s father in law was 78 (recently deceased) and he was ALWAYS watching WWE. Never mind that he almost flew everytime there were strong winds. His excitement at that age for the matches, got us all worried all the time. I dont think age matters for watching WWE. 😉

    • Sorry for your loss. It did hurt, but like all wounds they healed with time and yet it’s still a moment I’ll remember forever haha. WWE does tend to get people excited though.

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