I Lost My Head

Halloween is over with, it’s done. I hope everyone checked their candy, stayed in groups, and made it home alive.

I can’t express how important that last one is.

I was in Sleepy Hollow this weekend and I went through one of the most lucrative haunted trails I’d ever been on.

The Horseman’s Hollow

Now I can’t say it was the scariest one I’d ever been on because well it just wasn’t, but I believe that it’s only because it told a story rather than just terrified.

The Story: Visitors roam the ordinary landscape turned terrifying by the evil, the dead, and the insane. You start out on a trail that leads to horrific scenes of a town driven mad by The Headless Horseman. It’s apparent as you are taken in by what is said to be a shelter, but behind the doors lies a cult.

From there Wes knew he’d fucked up

To those who survive flee to only end up in the ruins of Ichabod’s Schoolhouse, a decrepit place that takes you through a maze of horrors. Making it out may seem like the goal, but once you find yourself in the Horseman’s liar, the maze seems like a nice place to stay.

Reaction: I enjoyed it from beginning to end, the detail was so well done that I really wanted to walk it in daylight to see it all. The make up used for everyone was movie quality and quite terrifying when they got up close. The scare factor was minimum for me only because I had a group a stragglers in front of me that got scared by what was suppose to get me. It caused me to be ready for almost all of the jump moments.

Though one scene did get me to my core, I walked into a room with two bodies. One was in a tub and another on a table, the one on the table I pegged as a person. The one in the tub though had her eyelids and skin painted to look like a porcelain doll. I believed in the lie and as the lights shut off I became unnerved. I was standing at the edge of tub and as the lights brightened back up, the doll (which turned out to be a person) was moving.

Now you may be asking yourself, ‘Wes really? The makeup couldn’t have been that realistic.’ My mild heart attack begs to differ though.

The story was wonderful and you really got that you were within a town. The whole thing was a little over thirty minutes long, and in all that time nothing felt repeated. It was nice because each scene within felt like it had it’s own unique situation going on. Towards the end there was even a normal looking grandfather clock that started chasing me.

Like what the fuck time! I THOUGHT WE WERE TIGHT!!!!!


My sisters and I looking sweet 😀

So they all decided to be cats and I called myself a magician…

Honestly I just wanted to wear a top hat and a mustache

So I’d go with magician, gentleman, man wearing top hat and fake mustache…Any of those costume names work for me.

3 thoughts on “I Lost My Head

  1. Awww! You all look so CUTE 🙂 Happy Halloween ( again a bit late 😛 )
    Glad to hear you had a good time!
    Well, we know that the stuff in the Haunted House are all fake, but still we scream and shout and get all flustered don’t we. I am with you there..Our mild hearts can’t take them!

    • Hey Happy Halloween as well (we can be later together) and thank you. 🙂 Honestly I like to try and get scared as much as possibly from those sorts of things. Like I play horror games and watch horror movies, all while knowing that it’s all fake. I like to be scared, but as soon as it gets real I’m out.

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