Otter Swimming Lessons

I always loved the way otters swam in water and how they walked on land, the two so adamantly different from the other. Above water it’s like a clunky mess, they do that type of mechanical ride hop. You know, like that machine that was shaped as a horse or a car outside your local K-mart. Always wanting to ride whenever passing by, but your parents were always like ‘No way am I spending a dollar for your happiness.’

So selfish

In the water through they were some type of majestic creature able to stream line themselves and move in a wonderful fashion. Like Steve Urkel when he turns into Stephan in ‘Family Matters’. Then you have all the other Laura Winslow animal thinking about the mistakes they’ve made treating the poor otter with such disrespect.

I always wanted to swim like that, I am a terrible swimmer when submerged fully. I really hope my past life I wasn’t a fish because I’d of been screwed.

My mother was always able to swim rather well and when I saw this I always thought two things.

  1. Super jealous, like teach me that!
  2. I feel like she doesn’t wanna teach me so she’ll always be better at something.
  3. This is some bullshit

Honestly now that I’ve grown up and I look back on these incidents I’m 100% sure the only thought I should of had was, “How in the hell? This women was an avid smoker!”

I shall forever face the fact that even Nemo could beat me in a water race. I mean well, he is a fish…so I guess it isn’t really a bad thing. I can surely beat him at a foot race.

He don’t have no feet! muahahahaha!!!

5 thoughts on “Otter Swimming Lessons

  1. I want to learn to swim. And that has been my New Year resolution for 3 consecutive years! (You can see how I keep up with my resolutions) So, I am jealous of you that you can even swim moderately πŸ˜›

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