Dunkin Tales – Big (Mac) Confusion


You would be surprised how many people actually get it all mixed up. Very few fight when I tell them that, ‘No, we aren’t McDonald’s’.There are some that want to prove me wrong, rather than admit to their own stupidity.

But hey let me explain…

I work at Dunkin Donuts, I like the job since I enjoy interacting with people to an extent. We have a McDonald’s that is right next door and though the drive thru’s are fairly far apart, people still end up in the wrong one. I mentioned to a co worker that seeing pink and orange should have been the first clue that you’ve done fucked up.

She preceded to say, ‘Yellow and red are pretty close.’ I told her she couldn’t talk to me anymore after that.

Mcdonalds-90s-logo.svg Dunkin'_Donuts_logo.svg

I call bullshit

My reaction went along the lines of, “DON’T CONDONE THE CRAZY!!!” Which I guess is kind of rude, most of them are old people with bad eye sight. Look I forgive you all because you entertain me.

There was one time though that blew everything else out of the water. This guy was my age and had to of been higher than the damn sky. Pretty much the conversation went something like this.

Guy: Heyyyyyy can I get a Big Mac and a large fry.

I look over at my co worker and mouth the words ‘What.The.Fuck’

Me: Excuse me?

I didn’t want to believe I heard him correctly.

Guy: I want a Big Mac and a large fry.

*face-palms myself into next week*

Me: I’m sorry sir we don’t have that here.


Me: This is Dunkin Donuts sir.

Guy: Noooo the sign said McDonald’s

I thought about his statement for a moment, had I been working at McDonald’s this whole time? Was my whole Dunkin career a lie? I preceded on 100% sure that I was in fact in Dunkin Donuts.

Me: That is actually next door, but could I interest you in a coffee.

Guy: No Dunkin Donuts sucks. *Drives off into a ditch…hopefully*

Moral of the story is high people are silly.

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