A Commitment Issue With Myself.

I’ve always been jealous of people who can’t pop out beautiful pieces of art in minutes. Like those spray paint people at festivals, you all are awesome, but seriously stop showing off. SHEESH!

The only art form I’ve been decent at is writing, I can’t go to a festival and set up a booth going ‘LET ME WRITE YOU A POEM’ only half way through realizing it could be better and start over completely.

I need someone to help make me a banner, I’ll pay, as long as it’s a reasonable price.

My new title for my site is ‘NearlyWes: A Commitment Issue With Myself.’

My first thought of what this banner should look like was a cartoon person flipping off a mirror and the mirror looking like ‘What the fuck man!’ with his shoulders shrugs and what not.

It made me laugh, but if any of you want to help me out I will leave the art to the artists hands.

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