Artsy Fartsy Sisters

I have three sisters, some of you know this, others of you may be shocked and wondering how I have survived. Not very easily is the correct answer.

Two of these three sisters are good at art, or at least excel in a certain type of art, my jealousy towards them knows no bounds. My last and youngest sister is a lot like me so far, artfully inept at art. She’s cool, I hug any time I see her, she can stay. *He says like he has a choice.* 

I always forget that my sisters are good at art, and that forgetfulness got me into trouble as I posted earlier about wanting an artist for my blog. She pick locked my door and rudely walked into my room She came into my room politely and offered to help me out, I proceeded to throw confetti into the air. Surely I can pay her in hugs and if not then I’ll be taking back that confetti.

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