It’s Raining It’s Pouring The Sun Is Shining? What?


I never had to deal with this in Indiana, but that probably because that state doesn’t suffer from bi-polar disorder. Honestly I don’t know what New York’s deal is but it could quite possibly rain, snow, hail, thunderstorm, and then end with the sun shining bright all in one day. I am not making this up, I actually believe I’ve witnessed it before.

I remember waking up when I was young and hearing rain on my rooftop, I was pretty confident I’d hear it all day. This is why we have trust issues New York, you’re really unreliable. You’re like that friend that makes plans with you and then five minutes till your ready to leave they text “Sorry man, can’t make it out tonight.” and you’re all “YOU’RE THE ONE WHO MADE THESE PLANS!” At the end of it though you were happy to jump into pj’s and do nothing. Still that doesn’t change the fact that those friends are total douche canoes.

*cough* Eric *cough*

I know a few Eric’s on Facebook, I hope one of them reads it and goes “WHAT THE HELL DID I DO?” and I’ll be like “You know what you did you bastard!”


Making Weathermen’s jobs hell since 1626 or 1788 depending on if you wanna be technical.

SURPRISE HISTORY LESSON: The New York Colony was founded in 1626, but then America was all ‘Fuck you Britain’ and decided to make it a country. 1788 was when the whole state of New York was founded.

Fun Fact: British colonists were just tired of the bi-polar weather that they packed up and went back home.

Yep…it’s totally true.

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