SoCS – CATastrophic


I’ve ended up ruining relationships through puns on accident before.

My girlfriend was yelling at me to stop and when I didn’t she was like “I’LL LEAVE!” all I could say though was “What you be Russian for?” and my god did she not like that one bit.  “Don’t be Stalin.” That’s a good one as well.

Perhaps it wasn’t that dramatic, but she sure as hell hated puns. It’s was a problem due to the fact that I love them. If I could, I would make this a pun blog and I’d call it ‘Pun Station’ and it would be so cool that my viewer ship would sky rocket.

I’m not even lion!

Ok, I may be kitten.


This was part of Linda G Hill’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday’s

Hope you all enjoyed and let minnow if you decide to join in on the fun.

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