Dunkin Tales – We’re Just Gonna Skip You…

So we went from Autumn flavored coffee with our Pumpkin Spice and jumped right to Christmas. Where are all the Thanksgiving flavors? Where is my ‘Sweet Potato Ice Coffee’ or my ‘Gravy Lattes’

Well that’s disgusting!

I suppose I can understand why they chose not to do any flavors for this time of year. We already have Christmas cups though, I’m not sure how I feel about it.

I love the color combination of red and green it’s wonderful, but Christmas is an ass and took it. Now whenever you use it all you can do is sing Christmas carols until you take it away. It’s almost like a disease.

Christmasitis – When you start hearing Christmas music even though you’re sitting at home writing a blog post. Then you know you’re screwed.Ā 

8 thoughts on “Dunkin Tales – We’re Just Gonna Skip You…

  1. Haha. Love this. Its so true christmas has become so materialised. It constists of cups, decor and presents instead of hope, family and joy. Saying this though christmas wouldnt be the same without all the selfish things..

    • You are certainly right about that, I mean it’s apart of it. It’s been there long enough that if taken away even though they’re selfish things, it would crumble Christmas all together. At least for the typical people. I’ve always been a big gift giver I love the giving rather than recieving, so it would safe me a whole lot of cash.

  2. I don’t know about Christmas music, but of all things Christmas-y (don’t know if thats a word…but WTH) I love the Hallmark Christmas movies šŸ™‚

  3. I would drink a Sweet Potato Ice Coffee in a heartbeat. Oh, wait, that might cause suffocation and brain freeze, but I would buy a large every day on my way to work between Halloween and Thanksgiving along with a turkey and stuffing doughnut.

    It would take some of the sting out of Halloween being over too soon.

    • Yea I mean common where are the savory flavors at. We got salty we got sweet we even have some spice in it all. I say we start a movement, the ‘Savory Breakfast Movement’

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