A Talking Deer Almost Made Me Famous.

The deer know.

I guess I should be more specific.

Recently I made a post about hating deer and their fake doppelgangers. Some of you liked it (Thank you) and others (The god damn deer) didn’t. I was driving home from work and out of a corn field jumped a deer.

I got scared and hit my break, my life flashed before my eyes, then I let off the break because why not just end it now. (Whats the point of having depression if you can’t joke about it?) *cries in corner* 

Woah…that got dramatic

Then I went to go get something to eat and another deer was waiting for me, I saw this fucker though and I shouted “GO BACK TO HELL YOU FOUL DEMON!!!!” The deer replied with “What the hell man I’m just trying to make an honest living.” and all I could say was “Holy shit! A talking deer!”

I proceeded by proposing a plan where we take this whole ‘Talking deer’ act on the road and become rich. I made a contract and everything and it was all going smoothly until he checked is deer phone and saw my blog post. Then he was all “Fuck you Wes!”

And that ladies and gentlemen is the totally true story or how I almost became famous from a talking deer.

5 thoughts on “A Talking Deer Almost Made Me Famous.

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    Hello little grasshoppers! Here’s a way to make your Friday the 13th more fun. Follow Wes for you daily dose of humor ‘cos he puts the ‘fun’ in funny bro! Go on, you can thank me later B)

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